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A Computer Language Humans Can Read — XML

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Some say XML does nothing. But actually none of these software does anything on its own, is it not always humans who do everything, at least until now?

"Solving the problem of universal data interchange between dissimilar systems," — Dr Charles Goldfarb.

XML is one of the out-of-sight niceties many websites incorporate and it provides magical services. DTD, XSLT, RSS, and more... Its usefulness is not limited to its capacity of handling data. Even tiny websites, such as mine, cannot afford not to have an XML sitemap.


  1. XML sitemap of this website, using an XSL stylesheet
  2. Index of a bunch of XML-XSL applications worked-out as assignments when I was at Humber College in 2011
  3. Parse all the movie entries in an XML file borrowed from The University of Edinburgh and display only titles and directors, using AJAX
    The original XML file is located at