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Presentation Page About Armagan Tekdoner

Web Developer | Former Photographer | Sporadic Writer


Portrait of Armagan TEKDONER, Cihangir, Istanbul, 2008
Armagan TEKDONER | Cihangir | Istanbul | 2008

Armagan's Credentials

► Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Bogazici University

Image of Armagan Tekdoner's University Degree Recognition

► Diploma in Web Development with honours from Georgian College

Image of Armagan Tekdoner's College Diploma

► Graduate Certificate in Web Development from Humber College

Image of Armagan Tekdoner's Graduate Certificate

Web Developer | Former Photographer | Sporadic Writer

Armagan (, , ) can be introduced as a web developer with extensive and recent formal education, as a published crime fiction writer, or as a seasoned imaging professional who has specialised in interiors.

After having sold some half a million postcards in 1980s and having worked for corporate clients in 1990s in the advertising industry, he dedicated himself to crime fiction in the new millennium in order to serve the society even more effectively. It all took place in Istanbul.

He joined the Toronto menagerie in 2008 where he came across with a mystery what they referred to as coding. Subsequent to his release from Vaughan/Toronto in 2012, he successfully made his way to Barrie/Ontario to pursue his oftentimes disapproved activities more comfortably, such as web coding. Having got his daily intake of software at Georgian College for another 3 years, he graduated in 2016.

Left Ontario by the end of 2016 to become a Québecois. Started working for the federal government as a web developer casually in 2016 and then permanently in 2019. He is alive and well and living in the National Capital Region, Gatineau, working as a WCAG tester at Shared Services Canada.

Languages: Turkish, English, and French.

About the entity: Studio Gri Fare

Entrance of Studio Gri Fare in 2008
Entrance of Studio Gri Fare, Cihangir, Istanbul. Last captured in 2008

Commercial Photography Studio | Former Workplace

Studio Gri Fare was officially incorporated as a small business in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1993. The scope of its business was mainly product photography. Its very first corporate client billed was Vitra, Eczacibasi.

Tens of thousands of film-based photographs in 3 different formats (35mm, 6X7cm and 4X5inch) were taken under its roof. It contributed to some 100 brochures and books, sold about 500,000 postcards and 5,000 posters while in business.

It closed its doors officially in 2008 at the very same spot displayed on the left, a few months before the owner family emigrated to Canada.

Its cyber doors are still open as you can see and it will be on the Internet as long as one of us maintains our websites.