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I believe in the Web.

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Everyone's remaining portion of their lives will be more and more web-based. Even users will need training to fully utilise the Web. The Web is the new research and development centre that overshadows CERN and Wall Street has already been dwarfed as a financial district by the Web. Humankind spends more time on the Internet than the time it allocates to physical tasks and I think even the future battlegrounds will be on the Web.

Besides, the Web is neither a scarce resource, nor a zero-sum game. The Web can enrich everyone's lives without impoverishing anyone: let us share it.

I am an open source person and think that the more we share what we know, the more sources we will have to learn from. It is unconditionally free to copy and use all codes here: claiming copyright for something I did not invent, simply does not make sense to me.

Thanks for going through this website,

Armagan Tekdoner, Web Developer

Latest Project — Redesigned Government website

Read the 2018 report to the Prime Minister
A redesigned government website, Armagan being the lead developer, August 2018

A study on file extensions

My son Ege, July 2005
An image file working as an html file when saved as html

Here is a hat trick to enjoy. There is a password in the above picture.

  1. Right click on the pic
  2. Choose "save image as..." (The location to save it will open)
  3. Change the existing file extension jpg as html
  4. Save it
  5. Double click on the file and your default browser will open, to show you the password