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Dive Inside Safe Box — MySQL


A simpler, yet rich, version of Relational Database named after the daughter "My", brought to us by in 1995.

Your car may be worth only $3.000, but if you have a Picasso painting in its trunk, you better not park it outside at nights.

SELECT php_developers FROM mysql_guys
WHERE ( god_name='oracle' AND tool_name='workbench' )
ORDER BY creativity_score DESC;

I am a fluent speaker of "sequential query language" and can find anything specified, if exists, even in large databases.

SQL Murder Mystery

This is an SQL study requiring the use of advanced queries

The question can be viewed at
And its solution is available as a text file.

Below is a comprehensive MySQL assignment at Georgian College

Please download any of the following cheat sheets we were allowed to use during the paper-pen exams at Humber