JavaScript Validations

Please note that this page does NOT programmatically send anything anywhere, it is but a client-side validation exercise.

Fill-in fictitious data and hit the button. Your email application will open in the end and will ask you if you want to send it or not. If you do not want to send, just cancel.

These validations are intended to help those who really want to post valid data or to prevent vandals from making fun of forms. NEVER think hackers can be stopped by any of these cllient-side technologies.


This is a randomly-generated ID for records, the client can be filed by using this as an ID number.

Matches O'Leary | Smith-Barney | Scott Jr. | Smith III Non-Matches SMITH | o'leary | Scott jr | Smith i (Author: John Scott from regexlib)

Matches Bobbie Sue | Ana-Claire | BobbyJoe Non-Matches Billy - Joe | Billy Jr. | Thos. (Author: s l from regexlib)

Matches | |

Non-Matches joe | | a@a (Author: Dave Black from regexlib)

(Email validator that adheres directly to the specification for email address naming. It allows for everything from ipaddress and country-code domains, to very rare characters in the username.)

Matches 18008793262 | 800-879-3262 | 0-800.879.3262

Non-Matches 879 3262 | 077 879 3262 | 879-3262 (Author: Andy Smith from regexlib)

Matches G3M 5T9 | C3M5T9

Non-Matches Z3M 5T9 | W3M 5T9 | 5T9 C3M (Author: W. D. from regexlib)

This will do if you skip.

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